Favorite Miniature Links

Reaper Miniatures


In my humble opinion of the nicest sites for minis.  They pretty much have everything you would need if you are a painter or collector.  Have done a little with their paint system - but I mix paints so it's not a priority for me; however if you want both blonde and blonde highlights of a consistent mix they are the folks to do it.  T


Their figure finder is amazing (nice database guys).  


The focus covers a lot of Fantasy with a little sci-fi and westerns included.

Pulp Figures


Site sells figures based on the Pulp era.  Miniatures are good quality - seem closer to 25mm rather than 28mm but only an issue if you mix vendors.  Bob Murch the sculptor has put together a site that not only displays minis well - but add an overall Pulp feel to the offerings.  The comments on the galleries and displays are a riot.  Most of my GlomCo figures come from here, and if I decide to branch out into larger displays this will be one of my starting points.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page, it carries through with the feeling the site has.

Hasslefree Miniatures


A very open ended and eclectic site, much like Reaper with not as good of a search engine.  They cover a lot of ranges with some very nice fantasy range (nice Dwarves).  A good collection of Sci-Fi minis are here along with several post-apocalyptic figures.  Interesting collection of nudes also which have their place in some Dioramas, just not all.  Also a UK site so be sure to watch the conversion between Pounds and Dollars.

Artizan Designs


The site sells a lot of military figures; however their "Thrilling Tales" line has a good alternative set of Pulp and WWII figures.  Several of the figures are from popular movies and can be used in Pulp locations - the nice thing is that they are usually heavily armed and decent detail.  Overall quality isn't as good as Pulp Figures but they sell individuals rather than packs. 


I have not purchased from their "Kiss Kiss Bang Bank" set but if I decide to do some James Bond or modern spy dioramas that would be a good place to start.


As this is a UK site - be sure to note the conversion from Pounds to Dollars....

Copplestone Casting


Alternative site for Pulp figures also; they specialize in both Africa and Asian locations which allow for more flexibility.  Have not tried their figures yet but the site looks pretty good and I may order one of the Pulp packs soon.  As this is a UK site - be sure to note the conversion from Pounds to Dollars....

Knuckleduster Western Miniatures

Knuckleduster has their Western figures buried on their site; the button below bypasses the mystery and takes you directly to the Old West.  They offer both 28mm figures and my favorites the 40mm Spaghetti Western set from “Honorable Lead Boilersuit Company” (UK Company) which is where the Good, Bad and Ugly figures come from. 

Eventually, I plan to get the “Few Dollars More” set but have to figure out the diorama to show everybody that doesn’t take up a table top.  Figures are very good and at 40mm you have much more detail to play with. 


Old Glory Miniatures

Have not purchased from this location; however a good all around selection of Pulp figures with some sci-fi also.  Their vehicle prices are pretty good, and they sell decals for vehicles also

Scenery Express


Scenery Express is a site that does a lot of landscape parts for the model railroad hobby.  I really liked the Silflor mini packs which give you various height of grasses which help the transition between the taller weeds (which are almost 6’ to something smaller).  Their Buffalo grass (pick the season to get your color is really nice.  Funding permitting I may get one of their foliage sets and see if I can get leaves on an Oak.    



Thomarillion is a site that specializes in features for gaming and dioramas.  The artist sells doors, windows and other items for a scene – I am especially fond of his bookcases and used them in the GlomCo Christmas diorama.  I have not figured out how to use it yet, but this site is the only place you can find a 28mm toilet.

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