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Site Launch!

We are proud to announce that the Social Director and I have launched this site. Our main interests and postings will be about our favorites - such as items we are looking to resell; miniatures in the works; Dioramas constructed and anything else of interest.


If you like our site - send us a note we look forward to hearing from you.

7/16/14:  Working to get the domain hooked to the site, hopefully the old site will go down this week and be replaced by this nifty version.

7/22/14:  Domain fixed, site restructured and awaiting final Logo from the artist shop. 


The future is now?   One of the potential future for high-priced miniatures, Hero Forge is a mix and match site that when live will allow you to assemble the mini using a basic 3-D model system and then print them out using the new 3-D Printer technology.  I have a beta figure ordered and am interested in the detail and quality produced.  Check out the site and see what you think.  Unfortunately they are a bit expensive now, hopefully the price will eventually drop.   Location:

7/31/14:  More Graphics and such


Finalizing the new logo, will be nice to get rid of my amateur-hour version we currently have.  Have picked up a few new tips on vehicles for the Pulp dioramas, will be interesting to see how the truck I ordered fits into the overall scheme. 

8/4 – Finally have the graphic replaced, let us know what you think of it.  Kudos to “Joint Effort Marketing/ Panda Motion Studios” who did the layout based on the original design. Thinking of getting T-shirts with this on it for a lark (or a car magnet) for fun. No business cards have a box of them already with the old logo and have given away around five.

As we are helping out the Dragon Master get her new site for Fairy World in Portland next year I might sneak a couple dioramas in her pavilion and do custom scenes for folks. Having tried to sell silk bonsai and Halloween skull lanterns have given up attempting to make cash off the hobby (let me know if you would like a photo of either of those items, have some in storage).

Only time will tell if folks even find the site; who knows yours truly may end up writing journals all too common in the Cthulhu mythos. Something is scratching in the wall…oh wait that’s only the cat (I hope)……

9/24/14  Been awhile but held off posting the Sargent Major’s birthday present. The largest diorama to date with lots of pictures.  Many new items in this one that I never tried before – the first auto and the first use of mini props.  Check out the full scene on the GlomCo Page

9/26 – Second major diorama added, this is the Josette in the Desert version. Visit the Diorama page for shots of this one…. 

10/21 - Busy month so far working on various Christmas projects.  Two will get posted after the holidays and one hopes those who are getting the gift are visiting this site (hint, hint).  The other is a very complex holiday GlomCo scene. 


Nothing says "Christmas" like receiving a Thompson machine gun and the fellows have decided to give each other exactly what they want.  Good thing it isn’t what they deserve. 

To whet your appetite this will be an indoor/outdoor scene complete with lit tree and an appearance by the Superior Intellect.   Based on a suggestion by the Sargent Major it will have an MP3 Player that sits underneath and plays all the favorites.  Did you know Nox Arcana does Christmas?

Of course what would be Christmas without unwanted guests (human for once) along with dubious servants and several pets?  For those who know the gentlemen involved, it is set at the Captains house and his friends have brought along a dog and four felines – the Captain will need his “Cat Repellant”. 

11/5 – new Diorama done, maybe a gift, maybe not.  The “Ballad of the Brothers-in-Law” is now complete.  Another attempt to do water which looks OK but I still need to work on this – maybe I should do a few disposable pools.  Still working on at least two other Dioramas at this time incorporating indoor scenery this time with some nice bookcases from Germany.  Hope some folks are looking at this site (reply on Facebook if you are) – otherwise it feels like those times I talk to myself while painting. 

Have found a good source of paintbrushes locally and not too expensive.  Hesitate to buy the sable brushes as I am hard on brushes so may stay with the cheaper synthetic ones. 

11/15 – The GlomCo Christmas is completed – a series of shots are out on the GlomCo page. Came out nice.  Still have to put it under glass but it came out very nice – expect to put it out for the holidays from here on out.

1/14/15 – Tied up for the Holiday season, did post the Christmas gift to the Crazy Cat lady though (check Dioramas).  Completed the second really large diorama, check it out, and may be a case of too much stuffed into a small area.  I guess you can put in too much.

2/9/15 – Belated happy birthday Dad (87 years old and doing quite well thank you).  Added the first diorama from the holiday vacation:  “Dwarves in Space”.  Like a lot of these the pictures done’ do them justice – you miss too many details – think the phone camera only goes so far…

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