The Workbench

This contains the various minis or dioramas that are in the works.  Some items may show up here as they are painted neat or a technique I am trying out.  As always use the contact form to send in any feedback.

Obie-Won Durin at your service.  One of the future projects will involve "Dwarves in Space" - the hard part for me was finding a way to get a light sabre that looked reasonable.  Too often they look like the ones from Legos and come out as a "tube".  Taking liberty and presuming they can shape the sword I found acrylic toothpicks at a Party Place that looked pretty good.  Used a little Green Stuff to glue it on and there you go.


There’s a "Dwarf Vader" from Heresy Miniatures (again in the UK) that will go with this set.  Found a Dwarf with a handgun who will make an excellent Storm trooper and another Samurai Dwarf to be the apprentice.


I have an unassembled Ahoggya which I could use as a Jedi also - however that may be a bit much

The boys from Glom Co at your service.  Painted for a future diorama two of these are from the "Pulp Figures" line (excellent site, not only good minis but a lot of humor in the gallery; the artist is a pretty cool guy).  Long ago our friend Wes ran a Pulp/Call of Cthulhu campaign with two of my other friends and myself - over the years it was one of the most memorable and a pity when we ended it.  Two of the figures are painted to resemble their owner (they know who they are) - have to order more stuff to complete this one it will be larger than my normal ones. 


Did you know you can find 28mm armored cars on the internet? 


More GLOM - Finally got the rectory wall done, need to adjust the lamp shade though. Looking around at all the casting sites there really isn't one that does bricks in something close to 28mm scale - lots of building blocks but no bricks. As this was intended to be 3-dimensional I had to cast individual bricks and then lay them down. Think next time I'll simply "stucco" the back wall and let it go at that.




The street address is tribute to the Master of the Glom campaign…


Glom - back of the Rectory wall.  The bricks came out OK and give it a real disreputable look and feel. I think if I was going to go for a quality brick look I’d pour it using a mold. The spikes at the top are small nails which help with the overall impression and make the display prickly. On to the characters on display in the scene

New type of tree. It’s made with twisted wire in the trunk and limbs (covered by tape and then painted for texture) and rubberized coconut matting for the branches.  Topped off with fine “turf” in dark and medium green to make leaves.  In this case sand from the display ended up in the mix and give the impression of either wind-blown sand or dead leaves. 

Another tree done the same way

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